Keep inspiration alive by directing air on to the fire. The five 3D letterforms are air machines. When the colored buttons on top of them appear, the machine is active. When active, tap/click on letter turn air on and shift the rotation direction of letter (air comes out the vent in bottom of letter). Do this repeatedly to rotate vent to wave air toward the fire. The more air, the bigger the fire grows.

This was created in a 2D framework (Gamemaker Studio 2). The 3D effect was created by exporting pre-rendered animations of each letter using Cheetah3d (three sets for each letter for the different visual states).

Ludum Dare 46  is my first complete game jam experience.

HTML5 on

Game Maker Studio 2
Logic Pro
Mac OS


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I thought this game was very intesresting Would you care to play mine

Thanks Matthew. At the moment I'm being extra cautious about protecting my computer from virus issues, so I'm avoiding downloads of files/games from people I do not know. Could you post an HTML5 version that can be played in the browser?